Reverse Oiler Groove

All JP Performance timing chain sets for engines which do not have a thrust plate fitted at the factory are machined with a reverse oiler groove. This groove is used to lubricate the front cam journal face on the block.

How does it work?

The reverse oiler groove works by picking up oil which has been pushed through the front camshaft bearing and move the oil through the groove to lubricate the face of the cam journal by a spiralling action.

Will the reverse oiler groove cause loss of oil pressure?

There is no loss of oil pressure with the reverse oiler groove since the oil pressure is dictated by the bearing and not the camshaft sprocket.

Will it make my engine last longer?

Yes, the reverse oiler groove system prevents wear by lubricating the front cam journal face the moment there is oil pressure to the front bearing journal. Unlike brass shims and Torrington thrust bearings the reverse oiler will not operate without oil for long.

Will I need a brass shim?

The reverse oiler groove means that there is no need for a brass shim or Torrington thrust bearing to be fitted to prevent wear of the front cam journal face. Brass shims and Torrington thrust bearings only act as surrogate thrust plates and will operate unlubricated for longer than the oiler groove since the oiler groove will lubricate immediately there is oil pressure.

Does any other manufacturer have a reverse oiler?

No. JP Performance are the first to use this system, and since it has been developed, wear on the front cam journal face is a thing of the past.

The reverse oiler groove. Notice the spiral which feeds the oil across the face.