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JP Pistons are manufacturers of pistons for vintage, veteran and classic motor cars, motorcycles, trucks and stationary engines. If you are looking for a piston replacement for your restoration project or are interested in how we make pistons then this is the spot.

Piston Catalogue. A searchable piston catalogue is not available yet, but you can browse by make and engine type.
If you have any queries please send them to the address, fax, phone or email below.

Make sure you look at the latest additions to the JP Pistons product range in the New pistons section.

Do you want a hard copy catalogue? If so then we can send one to you. The catalogue includes all the dimensional information of the entire range of pistons that we manufacture. Information includes: make, models, years of manufacture, capacity, standard bore size, compression ratio, number of cylinders, compression height, overall length, distance between bosses, pin o.d., pin type, ring equipment, and crown shape.These are available for $AUD20.00 (including GST, postage and handling Australia only). For International delivery $AUD22.00. Just send your name, address and cheque or money order. Credit Cards accepted are Mastercard or Visa.

Not in the catalogue? Can't get it anywhere else? Need something special? Then we may be able to help.
JP Pistons may be able to make Specials for your particular requirements.

Are you in need of new piston rings? JP Pistons has Australia's largest range of loose piston rings. So if you break one accidentally you can replace it without having to purchase an entire set.

If you are interested in How pistons are made then look in here. This shows how JP Pistons are made in our factory and includes images that you can download.

For those interested in a little Company History follow this link.

Contacting JP Pistons

25-31 Innes Rd
Windsor Gardens
South Australia 5087

phone: +61 8 8261 7222
fax: +61 8 8261 9171
email: pistons@jp.com.au