Indexed Keyways

JP Performance marks all crank sprockets and crank gears with the appropriate advance, retard and standard timing marks (i.e +2, +4, +6, +8, -2, -4, -6, -8 and 0). This helps when the timing has to be changed at a later date

Why advance your timing?

Advancing your timing is useful when you are after more low down torque. This will give better "off the line" acceleration, but is at the expense of top end speed. Advancing the timing is good if you are towing a trailer, boat or caravan on a regular basis.

Why retard your timing?

Retarding your timing does the opposite of advancing (of course!). Retarding will give greater top end speed, but less low down torque. It is good for vehicles that are regularly travelling in higher gears, such as highway travel.

It is advisable when installing a new timing chain or gear set to use a degree wheel to dial-in the camshaft. To do this use the JP Performance Degree Wheel (JP 5720) which includes instructions on the face.